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We are currently rebuilding, selling, buying and trading Used Chip Spreaders from GEFFS, Etnyre, Rosco, Flaherty and WH through our Rocky Mountain Rebuild Program.   Learn more here.We are rebuilding used chip spreaders for about half the cost of new.

Image of Rebuilt GEFFS BM624 Used Chip Spreader for Sale
image of Rebuilt GEFFS BM624 Used Chip Spreader for Sale


image of rebuilt etnyre chip spreader used
before and after image of used and rebuilt etnyre chip spreader for sale
image of Rebuilt Chip Spreader Expandable Hopper

Rebuilt GEFFS BM624 Chip Spreader with Expandable Hopper

image of geffs chip spreader

We are currently focused on our Rocky Mountain Rebuild program–the world’s largest and most comprehensive rebuild program for used chip spreaders. SEE OUR CURRENT USED CHIP SPREADERS FOR SALE HERE.  For more details on this innovative approach to extending the life and productivity of used chip spreaders, visit rockyrebuild.com.

We provide parts and technical service for the following chip spreaders and self propelled road brooms: Flaherty Model C, Koehring Model C & Model K, Buffalo-Springfield Model K, WH Model W, Model WH, Model WHS, WHSM, GEFFS BMSM, BM624, LM420, Larsen Maxi-sweep 6330, Allmand Bros Maxi-sweep 6600, WH Maxi-sweep 6600, Geffs Mighty-sweep MS2003-8.

Image of a rebuilt used chip spreader with expandable hopper and rate control

GEFFS has begun a rebuild program to extend the life of your chip spreader. Cost half of a new chip spreader.  Factory rebuilding of your existing chip spreader. Comes with a 1 year warranty on chip spreader and limited warranty of power train.   Click here to see what we do to your chip spreader.

Looking for a aggregate chip spreader, side delivery, or tailgate spreader that will last?   See our products and give us a call at 208-232-1100 or toll free at 888-447-2882.

EXPANDABLE HOPPER WITH RATE & GATE CONTROL UPGRADE: FOR MORE INFORMATION CLICK HERE. NEW RATE CONTROL UPGRADE Tired of missing out on Chip Seal Bids because your chip spreader does not have a Rate Control System? If your chip spreader has hydraulics you can upgrade with our hydraulic actuated gate control system. Let GEFFS quote you on a Plus 1 Rate Control System upgrade for your machine. Easy to install and easy to operate. CLICK HERE TO VISIT OUR RATE CONTROL UPGRADE INFORMATION PAGE.

image of a rebuilt GEFFS used chip spreader

Need more versatility with your chip spreading?   GEFFS offers a proven Expandable Hopper 10 ft – 16 ft with a Rate and Gate control system. Hopper shrinks to 10 ft 8 in for travel and can be expanded to 16 ft for chip spreading. Your existing chip spreader must have hydraulics available.

Chip Spreaders

GEFFS Manufacturing’s legacy goes back to the winter of 1942, when Willard Horner developed the world’s first self propelled Chip Spreader right here in Pocatello, ID.    We’re proud to carry on WH’s tradition of excellence with the world’s finest Chip Spreaders, parts and service. Learn More

Chip Spreader Rebuilds

GEFFS introduces Rocky Mountain Rebuild,  world’s most advanced program for evaluating, repairing and rebuilding Used Chip Spreaders.   We will inspect and qualify your used Chip Spreader, then consult with you directly on options for repairs and upgrades, or even complete rebuilds, that can save you $100,000’s over the cost of a new Chip Spreader. Learn More


Excellence, performance and accountability are at the heart of  everything we do at GEFFS Manufacturing.   We buy, sell, exchange and rebuild Chip Spreaders and ship high quality, reliable machines to clients all over North America. We also sell construction broom parts for legacy brooms including GEFFS Mighty Sweep, Larsen Maxi-sweep 6330, Allmand Bros Maxi-sweep 6600, WH Maxi-sweep 6600, Geffs Mighty-sweep MS2003-8.

We service, repair and rebuild all makes and models of Chip Spreaders including GEFFS, WH, Rosco, Etnyre, Bearcat, Leeboy and more.   We develop, manufacture and sell our own Chip Spreader designs, as well as offer complete inspection and rebuilding options for your used chip spreaders.

What sets us apart is the personal and customized service we bring to every client, every job, and every machine.   We are a hands on, small batch manufacturer focused on complete quality in everything we do.

We hold ourselves accountable to the highest professional standards and we stand behind our products and our work.   We’ll be here to take care of any issues and make sure you get what you need.

Carrying on a tradition of equipment innovation and manufacturing that started right here in 1942, GEFFS Manufacturing is your go to resource for Chip Spreader purchase, repair, parts, and custom rebuilding.    We make sure your equipment runs, and runs right.

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All our custom jobs begin with a phone call and an in depth discussion of your situation, needs, and resources.   Call Frank or Jeff today to learn more about how we can help you.   

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