Welcome to Rocky Mountain Rebuild –the world’s largest rebuilder of road construction chip spreaders– from GEFFS Manufacturing.  Click any of the red text links to visit our detailed site at We can bring your aggregate spreader back to new near condition for about half the cost of a new machine.

GEFFS Manufacturing helped pioneer the chip spreader industry with roots going back to the winter of 1942.    We’ve built and shipped new spreaders and other construction equipment all over the world. Now, we’re bringing that expertise and knowledge to our innovative chipper rebuild program—Rocky Mountain Rebuild.

image of Rebuilt Chip Spreader w Expandable Hopper
Completely Rebuilt WH Spread King Chip Spreader with Expandable Hopper

If you have an older chip spreader, we can bring it back to factory certified condition, and save you tens of thousands of $ off the cost of new.   Call us anytime at 208 232-1100 to get information about your project.

We thoroughly inspect the chip spreaders we bring in, qualify all major systems and components, and repair, replace or rebuild the things that are broken, worn or outdated in consultation with you.   Every job is customized according to our customers’ needs and budget.

Bring your aggregate spreader back to near new conditions under GEFFS Factory Certified Rebuild Program:

  • One season factory parts and labor warranty.
  • Limited on engine and power train.
  • Install new idler rollers and troughing rollers as needed.
  • Replace all conveyor belts, lagging strips, wipers, vertical seals, horizontal seals.
  • Replace all hydraulic hoses on spreader and hopper.
  • Replace head pulley and tail pulley and their bearings as needed.
  • Remove and install remanufactured conveyor and accessory hydraulic pumps
  • Inspect and replace universal joints, drive lines and PTO shaft as needed.
  • Drain and replace all fluids.
  • Engine oil and filter
  • Fuel filters
  • Transmission and filter
  • Hydraulic and filters
  • Front & rear axles
  • Coolant
  • Replace injectors and run rack on engine if needed.
  • Inspect drum brake shoes.
  • Inspect parking brake pads.
  • Inspect all air cylinders on hopper.
  • Inspect hopper augers and bearings.
  • Replace all gate rubber.
  • Optional upgrade to new plus 1 rate and gate control system with new woven harness and plug and play installation.
  • Check and repair all lighting.
  • Upgrade operators console.
  • Inspect and replace worn deflector plates above hopper.
  • Clean and flush radiator.
  • Clean and flush hydraulic cooler.
  • Seats are replaced or re-upholstered.
  • Sand blasted and repainted with professional quality equipment grade paint.
  • New parts and operator manual.


image of idler roller wear
Idler Roller Showing Signs of Wear
Troughing Roller Wear as Bearings Become Worn.
Conveyor Pumps and Accessory Pumps Get Worn Over Time.


image of idler rollers
New Idler Rollers and Bearings are Installed.
image of troughing rollers
All New Troughing Rollers and Bearings are Installed.
OEM Certified and Approved Remanufactured Hydraulic Pumps are Installed.

image of chip spreader hopper used

  • All hoses are removed on expandable hopper as well air box and valve assembly.
  • Brakes are inspected for replacement and drums are inspected for wear.

image of colored display

  • What are the advantages of the new Plus 1 Rate & Gate control?
  • Colored display which is brighter in direct sunlight.
  • Smaller computer system.

image of hopper rebuilt

  • All new hydraulic hoses are installed.
  • All new air manifold and air valves are installed.

image of brakes inspected
image of chip spreader computer system

  • System interfaces with computer to assist troubleshooting.
  • Linear Feedback cylinder.

image of rockwell brake shoes

  • Rockwell shoe brakes are replaced.

image of geffs paint booth

  • Machine is stripped of hoses, valves, and ready for sand blasting and new paint.

image of linear feedback cylinder

  • New hydraulic gate control valve installed.

image of brake drums turned

  • Drums are turned.

image of hydraulic pumps checked

  • All hydraulic pump pressures, engine oil pressure & temp, hydraulic temp,
  • Transmission temp, fuel level all on one screen for operator convenience.

image of corkys used chip spreader

  • Machine is painted back to original colors and decals installed.